The website is a website created to inform the public about the ISLE product line of the Sotiriadou-Pournara family.

The details of the company are: Isle Deli PC

Confectionery Laboratory-Fresh Retail Trade

Confectionery and Sweets

Address: 2, Kykladon Str. Melissia, 15127

Registration Number: 165621107000

Tax Identification Number: 801910289

Tax Office: Amarousiou

Tel: +30 21 0613 0514

and responsible according to the law is Mr. Ioakeim Pournaras.

Any item on this site is copyrighted by the company and any reproduction or copying of texts or photos without the permission of the company is prohibited.

Especially the photos of the products have been created by Dimitris Fragkoulis (photo) and Ioanna Balafouti (food styling) and Ioannis Bourodimos (Food Photographer) The rights to use the photos have been assigned to the company and their reproduction and copying is prohibited without the written permission of both their creators and the company.